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さすらいだー / vagabond with SW-1


I gained a few new followers after skepticArcher posted her most recent piece, so I thought I’d take a moment to talk about the series the characters are from.

Dragonoak is a world I’ve been thinking about for a long time and have actively been working on for the past fifteen months. The main storyline is a trilogy, and the end of the second book is currently in sight. The story follows Rowan Northwood, a young necromancer who finds herself ostracised by the village she spent much of her life serving, under the guise of a healer. When a wandering knight passes through, Rowan sees an opportunity and takes it: she steals away in the night, entirely unaware that Sir Ightham herself is in exile. By the time they’re joined by a pane – a towering, horned-and-clawed race that are the epitome of absolute loveliness – and are busy sneaking across borders, it becomes evident that something’s up.

Dragonoak has a lot of high-fantasy, low-magic elements that I’ve always enjoyed – dragons, knights, kings and queens and their castles – but is primarily a character-driven story. While writing this series, it’s always been incredibly important to me that I create a world without the limitations of this one, or the limitations that cripple so many fantasy and sci-fi world-builds. I’ve done my best to create a place where women can be knights with out anyone remarking that she’s pretty good—for a woman, where nobody bats an eyelid at queer characters, where the cast is diverse and blood-relations aren’t automatically more important than families that have been forged in other ways.

The narrative path I’ve taken focuses on queer women of all sorts. No one’s punished for being gay—I’m not saying that horrible things don’t happen to most of the cast, but it’s definitely not a punishment for ladies smooching each other! This project has come a long way from its early stages (a short story I expected to be over in 30,000 words) and I’ve been helped along at every step by a wonderful group of betas and friends.

For now, please look at these fantastic pictures that have been done, and visit the artists’ blogs!

p.s. there are also pirates.

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What could I say about Wicked….best musical ever? Probably!

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[HENSHIN] Crisis Make-Up.

Japanese: クライシス・メイク・アップ
Romaji: Kuraishisu meiku appu

Used by: Super Sailor Moon
Item required: Holy Grail or pure heart crystal
First appearance: Episode 111
Last appearance: Episode 125


  • Although the animated sequence first appeared in episode 111, Sailor Moon did not say the vocal command until episode 112.
  • In episode 125, Sailor Moon achieved this transformation without the Holy Grail. Instead, Sailor Moon used her own pure heart crystal.

Source: moon-healing.tumblr.com


Late night dragon doodle




Spanish: forest; woods; grove.

Etymology: from Late Latin boscus, from Proto-Germanic *buskaz, “bush, thicket”.

[Cory Godbey]

And never, ever cut a deal with a dragon.

Shadowrunning is an art, not a science. There are times, in this biz, when you do everything and a plan still falls apart. You can do your research, call in all the right favors, have a good team backing you, get all the right gear and still have things go utterly sideways for no good reason at all. Doing everything right isn’t what makes a shadowrunner a shadowrunner. Improvising does that. Staying cool under fire, working as a team, and recovering from the unexpected.


The gift of the Goddess.

(Here it is intact.)

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My illustration for a collaborative expo we’re doing this month, themed V=e/t. Organized from the Comic Club.


Korra got a haircut WHAAAT


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