Overcast Skies.
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How odd to watch a mortal kindle
Then to dwindle, day by day.
Knowing their bright souls are tinder
And the wind will have its way.
Would I could my own fire lend.
What does your flickering portend?

Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)
Artist: Sly and The Family Stone
Album: Fresh
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i asked my lover what lies ahead?
will there be rainbows day after day?

Growing Pains
Artist: Count Basie and Tony Bennett
Album: Basie Swings / Bennett Sings
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nothing’s wrong, just growing pains
and they’ll never hurt too long

Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Artist: Stevie Wonder
Album: You've Got Mail
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then that time i went and said goodbye
now i’m back and not ashamed to cry

A Wink and a Smile
Artist: Harry Connick Jr.
Album: Sleepless in Seattle
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i remember the days
of just keeping time of hanging around

Anyone At All
Artist: Carole King
Album: You've Got Mail
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i hear it in your voice, see it in your face
you’ve become the memory i can’t erase

Artist: Nat King Cole
Album: Sleepless in Seattle
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high up in the sky the little stars climb
always reminding me that we’re apart

I Finally Found Someone
Artist: Bryan Adams and Barbra Streisand

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it started over coffee, we started out as friends
it’s funny how from simple things the best things begin

A Whole New World
Artist: Il Divo and Lea Salonga
Album: Music of the Night 2014
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tell me princess now when did
you last let your heart decide?

Artist: Frank Sinatra and Anita Baker
Album: Duets
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'cause it's witchcraft, wicked witchcraft
and although i know it’s strictly taboo

The Girl from Ipanema
Artist: João Gilberto and Stan Getz ( feat. Astrud Gilberto )
Album: Getz/Gilberto
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but each day when she walks to the sea 
she looks straight ahead, not at he 

Baby It's Cold Outside
Artist: Idina Menzel and Michael Bublé
Album: Holiday Wishes
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at least i’m gonna say that i tried
( what’s the sense in hurtin’ my pride? )

No Me Ames
Artist: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Antony
Album: On the 6
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no me ames, para estar muriendo
dentro de una guerra llena de

Artist: Lisa Hannigan and Damien Rice
Album: Goldfish Memory
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every time I sing you say i’m off key
why can’t you see how much this hurts me?

Anything You Can Do
Artist: Betty Hutton and Howard Keel
Album: Annie Get Your Gun
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any note you can reach, i can go higher
i can sing anything higher than you